1. A fresh tattoo should be kept covered for 4 hours
  2. It should be washed 3 times a day with water and soap, pat dry with a clean towel, do not rub
  3. After cleaning use Bepanthen creme available from any good chemist and gently pat on to tattoo and rub in (ensure to do this lightly).
  4. After 3 days you will get a light scab on your tattoo, you must not pick or scratch this
  5. A normal tattoo takes from one to two weeks to heal, depending on the area which has been tattooed
  6. Avoid getting the tattoo sunburnt until completely healed
  7. Avoid contaminating the tattooed area with substances such as dust, oil paint etc, until completely healed
  8. Do not swim for a week. NOTE: Do nothing to your tattoo except as stated above

aftercareMy colours and equipment are the purestand finest obtainable. My methods of hygiene are such that I can guarantee my work.

Unfortunately I cannot guarantee how you will treat your tattoo. I will not be responsible for any tattoo after it leaves my premises.

George Bone

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